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The Club now has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the links on any of our web pages and you will find the most up-to-date news and information on our activities and events.

COVID-19 Update

The Club has suspended its weekly meetings under further notice and does not expect these to start again until September at the earliest and only then if measures can be put in place to abide by the guidelines for hygiene and social distancing in force at the time. Please check back to this page for further updates on this situation.

2020 Exhibition Rescheduled for 2021

The Club decided to hold its next exhibition in an environment with more extensive facilities than our usual venue. As a result, we arranged to hold an exhibition in October 2020 at Forest School, Horsham which has the option of using three halls and has a large car park. Unfortunately that exhibition had to be rescheduled to Saturday 9th October 2021 and we hope that many of the layouts planned for 2020 will attend in 2021.

New Website Coming Soon

Work is underway on the development of a new Club website. This will incorporate a more up-to-update design and enhanced functionality for mobile devices. There will also be a dedicated area for members accessed via a username and password

Possible New Home Sought for Club

We are rapidly outgrowing our current home at St Leonard's Church Hall and are looking for a new venue. Founded in 2008 the club has grown from 18 members and a single layout to 50 members including a junior section and four layouts. Whilst we have been very happy at St Leonard's and they have been a very accommodating landlord there simply isn't enough space to store everything as the club goes from strength to strength.

In an ideal world we would have our own premises where we could leave layouts erected and work on them at any time, rather than just our weekly club meetings, but unless we find a generous benefactor this is prohibitively expensive in the Horsham area.

So we are happy to explore any options. We need a minimum of 100 sq ft permanent secure storage, an area equivalent to the size of one badminton court for club meetings, with the usual services and sufficient parking on site or nearby. Currently the meetings take place every Wednesday evening with two weeks of the month starting earlier in mid-afternoon.

If you are a landlord with some cheap space available, another club keen to share premises or maybe even a philanthropic lottery winner who wants to help a thriving community club please email us via secretary@horshammrc.org.uk.